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Many Years of Quality Website Services


Charlotte Website Hosting Services by Cole WebMarketing

Affordable and Reliable Website Hosting Packages

Web Server Storage Space & Bandwidth Usage:
  • STORAGE: Storage or Disk space is the amount of space allotted to your web hosting account. This space is used to store your html files, graphics, audio/video files, emails, database and any other files that may make up your web site. With CWM, you benefit from having a One Gigabyte of disk space with our Deluxe plan! That's 1000 MB - that's more than you can store on a CD. If you've been around for awhile, it's 694 "floppy's" of storage!! For only $75 more per year, Our Premium Hosting Package gives you 100 times that amount of space.

  • BANDWIDTH: Bandwidth refers to the monthly transfer of information from our servers to the visitors to your website. Unless your site has a number of huge files, such as video clips, songs, etc., our Deluxe Package should allow more than enough visitors (100,000 or so) a month to your site. If you expect more than this amount of monthly visitors OR your site will have many multimedia files, video clips or other high megabyte content OR you don't use Outlook and need to store your emails on our servers, you’ll probably want to go with our Premium Package. It gives you DOUBLE the amount of disk storage space and DOUBLE the bandwidth allowance compared to our Deluxe Package.

    For expanded information about bandwidth, click link » Bandwidth 101 (PDF)

BASIC FEATURES of Website Hosting by Charlotte, NC based Cole WebMarketing

Website Activity Tracking:

Part of every hosting package we offer is detailed website activity tracking. The statistics about your website, such as the number of hits, number of visits, a general idea where visitors came from, entry page, exit page, the exact search phrase a visitor used at a search engine to find your site, etc. Site Statistics are updated once every 24 hours.You can choose the basic WebAlizer statistics (this is the default setting) or a much more detailed analysis called AWStats (Advanced Website Statistics). Both can be “password protected” to allow viewing by only authorized people.

To view an example of the detailed website activity tracking reports we include in our
Website Hosting Plans, simply call us at 704.456.9321 and we'll take you on a short instructional tour of an actual live report online.

Current Cole WebMarketing website hosting clients can find more information about our tracking reports by clicking here.

Email Program:
Your account comes with a complete webmail solution, so you can check your e-mail anytime, anywhere. Most clients set up Outlook or something similar to “pull their email” down from the web into their computer. Although, when traveling, it’s great to be able to check your mail before Outlook “intercepts” your email.

Your mailbox has its own address book, basic and advanced e-mail filters. You can view, compose, forward, save, and edit your messages, as well as set privacy options, and customize most other features.

If you have "vanity" or secondary domain names, that redirect to your primary domain name (like the secondary domain name of automatically redirecting visitors to, all email accounts function as "aliases", so sending an email to info@ either domain, funnels into only a single email box. You can also set up a variety of "generic" email addresses, such as billing@, customerservice@, techsupport@ - and have all those funnel into one email box.

The address of your online Webmail is easy to remember - just add the word webmail. before your domain name, such as, enter your e-mail account username and password, and you are ready to go!

Spam Protection:
Spam is a nuisance for all of us, and for some it causes serious and costly disruptions to their Web enterprises. At Cole WebMarketing, we are not sitting around letting the spammers call the shots.

Your first line of attack are our mail filters, which selectively bounce messages, based on the content of an e-mail’s headers. For more power, use SpamAssassin to scan your incoming mail and determine the probability of a mail message being spam. Enabling SpamAssassin globally makes it process any message sent to your domain, while enabling it per-user will make it scan only the messages destined for a particular mailbox.

Just let us know how you’d like your system configured, and we’ll take care of the rest for you.

Virus Protection:

E-mail transmitted worms and viruses have recently become quite a problem around the world. Your hosting package employs a simple but very powerful anti-virus solution. When enabled, the anti-virus software will scan all incoming messages. In case viruses are found, the server will not deliver the infected messages to the user's mailbox. The anti-virus software is disabled by default, and can be enabled by us upon your request.

Some clients enjoy having multiple website under one main site, such as,, With our Standard Website Hosting Plan you can have up to 15 subdomains. If you need to have more subdomains, consider our Deluxe Website Hosting Plan, which includes up to 30 subdomains.

Domain Parking:
When you have a domain parked on your account it will act the same way as your primary domain. It will show the same site and any e-mail sent to the parked domain will be delivered to the mailboxes you already have for the primary domain.

So for example if you have, and, and need all of them to open your website, domain parking may be the right solution for you.

With our Standard Website Hosting Plan, you can have up to 5 additional domains parked with your primary account. If you need to have more parked domains, consider our Deluxe Website Hosting Plan, where 10 domain parking slots are available.

Password Protected Web Pages or Entire Sections of Your Website:

Control access to certain sections or content of your website such as “Dealer Only Area”, etc.
Our fully automated password protection feature allows you to protect areas of your website from the general public.; . During the website design phase, simply tell us which page or section that you would like to keep private and we’ll create a user and a password for it.

All of these hosting features, plus the Advanced Features, are included with
both the DELUXE & PREMIUM Hosting Plans.

For More Information about what we do AND what we can do for you, please contact us:
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