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It's a FACT - more and more people are using portable devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to visit websites. It's important that you at least have a "mobile-friendly" website and it's much better to have an secondary stand-alone "mobile website".

Do YOU Have a Mobile Website?
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ALL websites designed and developed by Cole WebMarketing are "mobile-friendly". By this we mean that the website displays and functions as it should no matter what the viewer is using to access the site. However, a mobile website is specifically designed for small screens and other constraints common in most phones and tablets and provides the BEST experience for the site visitor.

When Cole WebMarketing designs a mobile website for a client, we also revise the HTML code on the home page of their "main website" to automatically redirect visitors to the mobile site based on the type of device they are using.

Most mobile sites are not an exact duplicate of the main "desktop website" but rather a condensed version - summaries, overviews, and highlights rather than detailed company, product and/or service information. The pages on a mobile site are stripped of fancy "bells & whistles" that a main website may have, and this makes mobile pages load MUCH faster and eliminates excessive scrolling, pinching, expanding.

The Need For A Mobile Website - B2B vs B2C:
Having a mobi-site is important for B2B (Business-To-Business) companies but it's even more important for B2C (Business-To-Consumer) companies - perfect examples would be a restaurant or movie theatre. Complex site navigation, excessive scrolling, features that might not work or display properly (or at all) on a B2C desktop site viewed on a mobile device can often result in frustraion sufficient enough to a lose out on a sale on a valuable longterm customer.

Cole WebMarketing Mobi-Sites always include links on every page to the client's main desktop website, since often people prefer to view the more complete/complex desktop version rather than the "brochure format" of a mobi-site.

Not Having a Mobile Website Can HURT You!
Another very important reason to have a separate stand-alone mobile website is that Google and other major search engines have actually begun to include "mobile version" of a website in their ranking algorithms.

This means companies without a mobile site will see their rankings on search engine results pages begin to drop lower and/or will find it increasingly difficult to rank at the top.

This is a main reason we suggest to our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and/or SEM (Search Engine Marketing) clients that they have a mobile site as part of their comprehensive Web Presence Management strategy.

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